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Our Mission:

To connect with children and introduce them to Jesus Christ. To help them understand and grow to be like Him.

Our vision:

There is so much that we as parents and teachers want for our kids! We know that kids are not just youngsters but “Youngstars” in God’s eyes. Everyone is a winner in God’s eyes! We provide a safe and fun atmosphere where children are able to learn the following:

  • We want the kids to know salvation through Jesus and to understand all of the benefits that Jesus’ sacrifice provides for us.
  • We want the kids to know that God is a good God with an extravagant love for them and through God nothing is impossible!
  • Our heart’s desire is to witness the development of a true love in a healthy relationship between the children and God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.
  • We want the kids to know that they can talk to God about anything and everything because God wants to be a part of our everyday lives!
  • Jesus is their best friend ever!
  • To know just exactly who the Holy Spirit is and why He is here!
  • Church is not boring – church is fun! We do not serve a boring God! Our God is alive and creative!
  • Kids can make a difference in their surroundings (family, church, school, community, and world).
  • God has a really cool plan for them in His Kingdom!